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Welcome to Samuel & Williams Online Limited, "Just So Many Little Bits Online”. The Finest Sexiest Lingerie Trends, Bedroom Wear, Casual Wear, Everyday Wear, Suspenders, Knickers, Bras. Dressing Gowns, Dresses, Stockings, Suspender, Swimwear & Accessories.

This is a heartfelt message to our audience (You). (S&W) Samuel & Williams would like to take this opportunity by thanking each and every one of you for accepting our invitation on this long term never stop journey. A Journey where each and every one of (You) No matter what “Colour, Size, Creed, Race or Gender you choose to be, your choice & voice is welcome at the table.


During our journey, some of you will have the opportunity of being presented with free Gifts & Vouchers. Some may have to work a little harder for these gifts, all will be revealed when the time comes.


(S&W) Samuel & Williams was born on the 25 August 2018, Time 16:45 & 17:25 PM each weighing in at 64lbs. Parents, it was a long, hard, and tireless 9 months. But in the end, it was worth the weight in gold.

  • In the beginning, it was, should we abort?
  • How do you bring a child into this divided world?
  • Would it survive amongst the big wigs, the sharks and of course the trolls and the haters?
  • Would there be a backlash with “Colour, Size, Creed, Race or Gender?

There were so many questions and answers that we could not figure out until we received the most exciting news. “You are having TWINS”. “Whoopee”. This has now become a miracle, where we can now deliver to all the “Perfect Creation on This Planet”. So, the first thing we did, as the legal guardian “Registered Our Newborn”. (Company Number 11591296)


We strive to be industrious and innovative, We exist to offer you the opportunity to be who you are and want to be, wear what you choose to wear, Be Perfect, “As We are all”.

Your desire is our desire so your priority will be on the top of our wanted list. We believe passionately in doing everything we can in finding the right design, fit, size, length and of cause the best quality, which is why we will commit ourselves to give you the best service that money can buy.


  • Quality has always been the focus.
  • Choosing the right supplier had to be long term plan.
  • Returns needed to be minimal, for defected items.
  • Delivery, we knew it may make or break us.
  • But we always knew second to none is achievable 


Today we owe this journey to Ada Samuel & Latmore Williams, Grandparents to many from far and wide.

  • Two individuals who came together and created a nation of individuals worldwide.
  • Two people who lived and died on a small island in the Caribbean.
  • Never to venture from this island


“Mama” Ada Samuel was a very strong and disciplined lady, A beautiful tall individual no-nonsense person but with a heart of gold. She never got sick as far as we knew. but she will always have a remedy at hand for all others. Left this world too early.

“Daddy” Latmore Williams”, Spent most of his time working on his allotment growing and looking after the small animals which were used to feed the family and neighbours. I can recall as a young six-year-old boy he would always reserve at least half a day in the week and spend time with his grandchildren.

So, we do this in memory of them.




 Company Name: Samuel & Williams Online Limited
Registered Office Address: 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London England WC2H 9JQ
            Email Address: info@samuelandwilliams.co.uk
Company Registration Number: 11591296
Incorporated: 27 September 2018